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AFC Bournemouth Sponsorship and Sports Injuries

Tendonitis treated with Acupuncture

As Bournemouth Acupuncture have decided to sponsor AFC Bournemouth we thought we would let you know how successful acupuncture is in the recovery of sports injuries .

Being injured can be very frustrating no matter what level of sport you play and each sport can present different injuries. However one common condition that can plague any athlete is tendonitis. This is a painful condition that can affect any tendon. Achilles tendonitis is an example of this and happens when the achilles becomes inflamed, irritated and causes pain when walking or running. If left untreated tendonitis can take a long time to heal.

Acupuncture is considered one of best treatments for tendonitis, as it works like a powerful anti-inflammatory and clears inflammation away from the affected area. This is a well known benefit of acupuncture and as tendonitis is an inflammatory condition, acupuncture has become a reliable method of treatment for many athletes.

We see many patients with sports injuries and a patient recently came into the clinic seeking treatment for a achilles tendon problem that had not responded to other forms of treatment. He was a skier and wanted to get back to doing what he loved. After one session it became very apparent that acupuncture was going to be able to help him. After 3 sessions he was well on the way to getting back on the slopes.

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