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Frozen Shoulder

Because frozen shoulder is a catch-all term, one person’s symptoms and causes might be slightly different from another’s, making it difficult to say what has caused the problem.

Frozen shoulder does, however, seem linked to certain activities. For example, any activity that involves you having to rotate your arm, such as freestyle swimming or throwing a ball overarm (for cricket, for example). Also, overhead weight lifting and sudden stress to the shoulder muscles via injury.

It’s thought that frozen shoulder is caused by inflammation in the joint – this inflammation could arise after an injury but also as a side effect of other illnesses, such as diabetes, a known risk factor for frozen shoulder.

Early symptoms of frozen shoulder

  • A feeling of pain and tightness in the shoulder area.
  • A feeling of tightness especially when putting the arm up and back, as you would do it you were throwing a ball overarm.
  • Pain on the back of the wrist. (This specifically relates to frozen shoulder caused by subscapularis trigger points.)

As time goes on, the symptoms will worsen although the pain may be reduced.

At Bournemouth Acupuncture we see patients with Frozen Shoulder from all different causes. We will analyze the cause of condition and then treat accordingly.

Treatment using Balance method Acupuncture produces excellent results and patients see almost instant relief. Long term, patients will normally see complete recovery from a Frozen Shoulder.

If you have questions about frozen shoulder or you would like to know more about the treatment please contact us.