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How Does Acupuncture Work

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Patients often ask exactly how does acupuncture work?

One of the most common questions i hear when conducting a consultation is “How does Acupuncture Work?”. The idea behind Acupuncture can be very technical, but in this blog post i will attempt to explain in a manner that will not give you a headache!  But if it does we can help you with that also.

Acupuncture practitioners look at the body like a series of pipes circulating blood, nerves and energy throughout the body. When one of these pipes (known as a channel) becomes blocked or impeded, then pain, numbness or tingling can be felt. By inserting tiny needles into the correct channel, we can unblock the problem or stagnant pipe and allow a smooth pathway to flow again. Once this happens the pain or sensation will cease and the area will function correctly again.


How Does Acupuncture Work

The sciatic nerve can become impinged and cause sciatica

Is one of your channels blocked?

A great example of this working is when I treat sciatica. The sciatic nerve becomes impeded from passing through its normal pathway. This blockage causes tightness in the muscle and pain. I often have to target two channels to cure this problem and once these two pipes are unblocked, the pain disappears and the muscle relaxes and functions like normal.

This is explaining how acupuncture works in the simplest form. However, this simple approach can be so effective when treating pain.

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acupuncture for headaches

How Effective Is Acupuncture For Headaches And Stress?

Tension-type headaches are the most common form of headache. Doctors can often recommend acupuncture for headaches as it is listed as being effective by the WHO (World Health Organisation. The symptoms are normally tension or pain felt around the temples, behind the eyes, and/or on the sides of the head. There may also be neck tension which can lead to discomfort in the base of the skull.

Stress is considered one of the leading causes of tension-type headaches. It is also a leading cause for many health concerns and so reducing it can only be a good thing.

acupuncture for headaches

Acupuncture can relieve stress

Acupuncture is fast becoming a well known treatment for headaches and stress, it is normally the headache relief that it is sorted out first by the patient and then whilst having acupuncture they realise it can help stress as well.. Acupuncture will take the tension out of your head and in turn take the tension out of your mind. You will also feel very relaxed whilst having acupuncture and this can give you a much better mental state to help you in your daily life.

There can be a lot of uncertainty as to how acupuncture for headaches is applied. In most cases the treatment involves placing tiny micro needles to the lower leg and not into the head directly. Headache relief is also normally experienced instantaneously.

Bournemouth Acupuncture specialises in the treatment of all types of headaches and tension-type headaches is just one that we see in clinic.
Stress however, can be seen in every health concern, so by combating it through acupuncture can lead to a much happier and healthier life.

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Alternative To Antibiotics

Is Acupuncture A Good Alternative To Antibiotics?

Richard from Bournemouth Acupuncture explains how acupuncture can be used as a alternative to antibiotics.

On the 13th October 2017 England’s chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies, issued a call to action, warning that if antibiotics lose their effectiveness it will spell “the end of modern medicine”. In recent times antibiotics are have been greatly over prescribed. Patients are given little time with their doctors and generally ask for antibiotics for their virus, before exploring other options or assessing whether they actually need them. In turn it is a doctor’s duty to help the patient and give them something to help their situation.  Many pharmacist have stated that the use of antibiotics for common colds is normally unnecessary and there are other medicines that can work just as well.

Alternative To Antibiotics

Dame Sally Davies has warned of a post-antibiotic apocalypse, if new antibiotics are not found.

It is not just doctors who prescribe antibiotics. In modern agriculture antibiotics are widely used to treat herds of animals. This is a standard practice and often strong antibiotics can be used to treat the sick animal and then given to the whole herd to prevent the virus spreading. Once inside the animal they will be passed onto humans via consuming meat and dairy produce.

As a acupuncturist i see and treat many types of infection. A recent example was a patient who was suffering with a tooth infection. He had been taking antibiotics for two weeks but still had the infection. He came to see me and after one session his tooth stopped hurting and the infection cleared up.

Some other common cases i see are bladder infections, ear infections, infected wounds or bites, gastroenteritis, bugs, viruses, common colds, chest infections, coughs etc.

Fighting simple viruses like a common cold without antibiotics is generally better for you in the long run, as your immune system will become stronger and more resistant to colds in the future.

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